Air quality has never been more important

IAQ Services & Airthings for Business have partnered to provide a remote IAQ solution

Helping you remotely monitor and optimize your buildings to improve indoor air quality, energy efficiency and save time. You can take control of the air in your school, office or commercial building to provide a safe, productive environment and optimize energy usage.

The benefits of chosing an Airthings for Business solution with remote IAQ:

  • Improve the health, wellbeing and productivity of occupants
  • A scalable solution for multiple buildings with integrations and open API
  • Make data-driven decisions to meet sustainability goals and compliance demands
  • Gain wellness and sustainability certifications
  • Optimise your business, reduce energy consumption and save money

See The Invisible

Providing 13 air quality sensors in one solution

The effects of 1000ppm of co2 is the equivalent to having 2 pints of beer. Airthings for Business solution helps you see and indentify any air quality issues or areas of improvement in your building.

Further Understanding

The Features and benefits

Powerful Airthings dashboard

View and use your real-time and historical air quality data to manage all of your buildings in one place and identify any air quality issues and areas of improvement.

Scalable solution

1,000 sq ft or 1,000,000 sq ft, our solution can meet your indoor air quality requirements. It can be easily customized to fit your unique space and portfolio.

Save time and money

Optimize ventilation, heating & cooling & light usage based on need. Balance the pressure difference in your building to avoid energy leakage so you waste less energy.

Open API and integrations

Seamlessly integrate the Airthings for Business solution into your building management system to get even more control over the air quality in your buildings.

Simple installation

Our air quality monitors are quick to install making them perfect for any building. Within minutes of installation, you’ll see air quality data in your dashboard.

Show that you care

Ensure occupant confidence with a Public Dashboard display or QR codes so occupants can check the air quality themselves.

What You Get

What’s included in the solution

  • 24/7 remote access to customizable dashboard
  • Customizable dashboard views
  • Customizable alerts and notifications
  • Customizable Public Dashboard for public spaces
  • Shareable air quality reports for chosen time period
  • Real-time and historical air quality data across all buildings
  • Floor plan overview
  • Single platform to manage air quality across multiple buildings
  • Get insights and tips based on your air quality
  • Visual indication on device when CO2 levels get too high
  • Easily add new devices to current solution
  • Hub connects using cellular
  • Easy API setup
  • Access to integrations
  • Dedicated Airthings for Business support team
  • Frequent new features delivered automatically

Take Control of Indoor Air Quality

The products we offer in the Airthings for Business solution

Getting Started

We can give you a fully tailored quote or help you understand the benefits of chosing Remote IAQ with Airthings for Business.

Be sure to get in touch, one of our experienced team will be able to talk through the options.