Regular LEV Inspection & Testing Services by fully qualified Inspectors.

The HSE’s Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations requires that, where certain chemicals and other substances are used in industrial and commercial processes, they should either be contained or safely dispersed (Local Exhaust Ventilation). Also a requirement of these regulations is that LEV systems should be regularly tested to ensure that they are operating efficiently (ideally every 14 calendar months).

Are you complying?

According to the HSE, only 40% of installed LEVs are tested annually as required by COSHH Regulation 9 and worryingly there appear to be a large number of schools which have poorly functioning LEVs. According to the HSE, an LEV system that is poorly installed, ineffective or loses its effectiveness through lack of maintenance – leads directly to industrial disease.

Suppliers often fail to provide adequate guidance to their customers. An easy way of showing if the LEV is working properly is to check airflow indicators which ideally should be installed at each extraction hood.

If there are problems with an LEV, there are a number of ways to restore its effectiveness. For example, by replacing components such as the filter, clearing any blockage or simply closing some extraction points if too many are open. This should be carried out as soon as possible after the fault has been recognised.

The Law

Health & safety law says you must assess the risks to your workers from hazardous substances – dusts, fumes, vapours – and decide what measures to use to protect their health. It goes on to say that employers have a legal responsibility to ensure that employee exposure to dust/fumes etc is minimised and well controlled.

What we can do to help

LEV systems should be regularly tested to ensure they are operating efficiently. We have a team of surveyors, trained to P601 who carry out comprehensive LEV inspections and testing across the UK. On completion of every contract, a certificate and report of inspection is issued, your record of legal compliance.

LEV Testing
LEV Testing
LEV Testing